• To get acquainted with Latvia's heritage - for Latvia 100

  • Get to know each other by making adventure educational games

  • To acquaint the partners of the co-operation school from Germany with the Latvian culture

  • Overcoming the language barrier

  • Learning English in everyday communication

  • Getting to know the concert culture

  • Making traditional Latvian music together


  • German partners got acquainted with Latvia and their partners through various excursions, physical activities and brain games. Participated in the culmination of the trip in a joint concert "Latvia 100", which is also the main goal of the project "Music makes the world go round".

  • Meeting with the Latvian Youth Guards, where you have to prove your mental abilities in various games, as well as learned how to light a campfire and boil water in a plastic bottle – all in small mixed groups of Latvian and German students

  • Preparation of holiday cakes and Latvian national food for the holiday table

  • Attendance of lessons, getting to know the education system in Latvia

  • Setting goals for the project

  • Rehearsals

  • Excursion in Old Riga

  • Excursion to Vāczemju cliffs, Munchausen Museum, White Dune

  • Performance by German partners at Riga 1st Christian Elementary School

  • Escape room activities in English

  • "Performing Arts" and music industry - cinema visit

1st week

  • November, 2018
  • Latvia, Riga